Are you tired of boring and plain car mat sets? Are you ready for something bright, stylish and practical? Renegade is proud to present several options of mats for Mercedes-Benz S-class to suit any taste. The line consists of sets in black, brown and white vegan leather. The configuration and shape is the same, but there are a variety of styles. We have decorative stitches in either matching or contrast color, diamond shaped or straight topstitches, Mercedes logo with or without inscription, and other options. These models look very unique. We are using a high quality vegan leather. It is beautiful, flexible and strong. Its primary benefits are easy cleaning. Plastic fastening discs firmly secure the mats to the floor to prevent slippage. The surface does not attract lint or debris. It is resistant to grease, spilled drinks or mud. The liner for the driver’s seat floor has an additional part for the left footrest. The set consists of five items:

  • 2 liners for front seat floors

  • 2 liners for back seat floors

  • 1 back middle liner.