Renegade specializes in body kits and car accessories for luxury cars. That is why we use only high quality premium materials for our products. In this section Renegade Design is offering a set of floor liners for Mercedes-Benz GLE which will fit perfectly into the fine interior of this SUV. The items are created out of German-made vegan leather. It is beautiful and strong. The colors are white, black and brown. The decoration can be standard, custom made, or combined. The Signature style has become very popular. The contrast color stitches not only look attractive, but also have a practical value. Thanks to them the part takes the necessary shape to fit the floor. And this keeps moisture and dirt away from getting under the liner. There is bias binding on the hems which helps to avoid shedding and flaking of the material. Plastic fastening discs firmly secure the mats to the floor to prevent slippage. These liners are easy to clean. The set consist of:

  • 2 liners for front seat floors

  • 2 liners for back seat floors

  • 1 back middle liner.