German G-Wagons were created for army needs back in 1979. A bit later civilian modifications of the vehicle emerged. The unchanged appearance of this vehicle has become its distinctive feature. The interior suits the outer design – with a touch of retro. But the engine and electronics are modern and state of the art. You can purchase a set for right-hand drive Mercedes-Benz G-class on our website. There are black sets with white and orange topstitches and grey sets with black topstitches available. The sets are produced from premium vegan leather which is beautiful, strong and light. It is dirt, moisture, grease and scratch resistant. There is bias binding on the hems. Plastic fastening discs firmly secure the mats to the floor to prevent slippage. The driver’s seat floor liner has an additional part for the left footrest. We use Mercedes logo and inscriptions “AMG”, and “STRONGER WITH TIME” as design. The set consists of two front floor liners and two rear floor liners with a middle back liner. You can also add a handy coffer trunk with two handles.