The famous Mercedes G-Wagon has preserved its style and appearance for 40 years. This vehicle originally created for the army looks formidable in its civilian version. And you definitely need some serious floor liners. Renegade is offering the floor liners for Mercedes-Benz G-Class which fit this German car’s fearsome personality. They are made out of vegan leather and have topstitches in either white or red. In white, the stitches are parallel, narrowing and widening. In red, the stitches cross at an angle creating sharp diamonds and ridges. The black and red design produces an unforgettable effect – it looks rather menacing. Each part has an embroidered logo. Since this set was created for a right-hand drive vehicle, the footrest is located on the right front liner. All the products have undergone factory verification, they successfully resist dirt, moisture and physical damage. An added bonus: a small coffer with the same design with two handles. The set consists of six parts: two front seat liners, two back seat liners, a back middle liner and a coffer trunk.