Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT lip splitter

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Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT / Trackhawk 2019-2020 lip splitter looks petite without overloading already massive bumper of this SUV. This neat bar has small ledges on the sides and three good-looking ‘fangs’ in the central part. The splitter can be manufactured from compounded material with basalt fibre or carbon plastic. Main advantages of this part are lightness, bruise resistance, rigidity to most chemical compounds, as well as thermal and moisture resistance. The lip splitter is attached to the lower part of the bumper with bolts. As an additional fixing material sealar is used.
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    Grand Cherokee
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    Renegade Design

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Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT lip splitter

Splitters for Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT/Trackhawk 2019-2020 from Renegade Design offer owners of these powerful SUVs unique opportunities for tuning and personalized body modification.

Combining impressive performance and striking looks, these vehicles are made even more distinctive and personalized with specially designed body kit elements.

Parameters of the splitter on the 2019-2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT/Trackhawk auto body kit

Among the features:

  • quality lightweight material;
  • well thought-out shape;
  • modern production technology;
  • simple and convenient installation;
  • aesthetics and sophistication in design.

The splitter is made of composite material with added basalt fibers, providing an optimal combination of lightness and strength. The bumper lip is miniaturized to maintain the aesthetics of the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s massive bumper. A neat strip with small protrusions on the edges and three «fangs» in the central part give the car additional aggressiveness and style.

The use of basalt fibers in the construction of the splitter provides durability of the part, so the splitter is resistant to mechanical influences and heat resistance. This material is also characterized by inertness to various chemical compounds, is not deformed by moisture.

The design provides a strong and reliable attachment to the lower edge of the bumper, and also prevents possible negative effects of vibrations and shocks. It is enough to use sealant for installation.

The light weight of the splitter does not increase the load on the front axle of the car, which is important for maintaining dynamic performance. The splitter accentuates the exterior appearance by improving the aerodynamic performance of the vehicle, increasing stability at high speeds and providing better traction.

Specifically designed for the Jeep Grand Cherokee, the splitter combines outstanding durability, aesthetic appeal, and functionality.

Why to install a splitter on the 2019-2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT/Trackhawk

With the help of tuning, you can give the car a unique style and add aggressiveness to the look. Bumper lip, as an integral element of body modification, allows you to emphasize the dynamic features of the car and give it an exclusive look.

Tuning elements can visually change the body and optimize the aerodynamic properties of SUVs, making them even more striking and outstanding.

Installing a splitter on Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT / Trackhawk brings several significant benefits:

  • Optimization of aerodynamics;
  • sporty accent;
  • excellent handling;
  • bumper protection features;
  • customized design to suit your preferences.

The bumper lip is designed to optimize airflow at the front of the vehicle, reducing lift and increasing aerodynamic efficiency at high speeds.

The splitter design gives the vehicle a more aggressive and sporty look. This detail emphasizes the owner’s personality and style, making his car more recognizable.

Splitter can serve as an additional protection of the lower part of the bumper from mechanical damage and scratches, preventing unpleasant consequences during collisions with obstacles or when parking the car.

Installing a splitter is one way to make individual changes to the appearance of the car. Owners often opt for tuning solutions to give their car a unique and personalized style.

Why you should order a splitter on your 2019-2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT/Trackhawk from Renegade Design

  • Quality and durability of materials;
  • resistance to external factors;
  • unique design and aesthetics;
  • professional installation;
  • fast and reliable delivery.

This tuning element adds to the aesthetic perception, helping to improve the aerodynamic performance of the vehicle. It is the perfect addition chosen by Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT / Trackhawk owners to set their vehicle apart from the crowd and emphasize its sporty character.

Splitters are high-tech products designed with these models in mind. They not only complement the appearance of SUVs, but also provide better aerodynamics and stability on the road.

One of the main features of splitters from Renegade Design is their durable construction. The use of modern materials is a guarantee of long service life and excellent resistance to various factors such as vibrations, shocks and other external influences.

Renegade Design company offers its customers not only quality and functional splitters, but also a wide range of design solutions. Each car owner can choose the option that will emphasize the individuality of his car.

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