Car tuning in 2024: new trends and designs

тюнинг автомобилей в 2024 году
Every year brings its own trends and design solutions, and 2024 is no exception. Modern car tuning combines style, innovation and individuality in every detail. 

Renegade Design offers cutting edge auto tuning solutions for 2024. We specialize in creating innovative body kits, diffusers, splitters and other parts that will enhance the elegance of your vehicle. Our products are high quality, modern design and excellent functionality.

What directions of car tuning are actual now 

At the moment, unique solutions in the field of car tuning are in demand, making cars more powerful and productive. Futuristic elements, LED lighting and aerodynamic shapes are becoming the hallmark of new generation vehicles.

Top trends and designs in the world of car tuning in 2024:

  • Aesthetics of aerodynamic auto tuning;
  • personalization;
  • creativity;
  • exclusive design solutions;
  • sporty accent;
  • modernization of wheels and tires.

Original aerodynamic tuning is becoming an integral part of car design. The main trend is a unique style of the car body and interior, expressing the owner’s individuality. Auto can be personalized with elements of premium materials. Lightweight, durability and status is what is needed for the modern car owner in 2024. From mats and headrests to customized seat settings, every interior detail expresses the owner’s style and taste.

Trends in car tuning in 2024

Car tuning is constantly undergoing changes according to new technologies, trends and drivers’ needs.

This is due to the following reasons:

  • Technological advancements;
  • introduction of electronics and software;
  • environmental requirements;
  • performance improvements.

With the advent of new technologies in the automotive industry, such as electric and hybrid engines, advanced communication systems and the development of autopilot technology, tuning is beginning to include their implementation and adaptation.

Modern vehicles are becoming increasingly dependent on electronics and software, and new ways are being developed to optimize electronic systems, including improving engine performance, dynamics and fuel efficiency.

With rising environmental standards and stricter emissions regulations, the market is beginning to focus on creating greener vehicles with improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

Many car owners are looking to improve the performance of their vehicles, and tuning aims to increase engine power, improve dynamic performance, and increase traction and braking characteristics.

In addition to improving performance, tuning also includes aesthetic changes such as installing new body kits, splitters, spoilers, various exterior and interior elements to make the car more attractive and personalized.
элементы обвеса BMW XM

Aerodynamic tuning

New trends:

  • bold experiments with body and interior design;
  • innovative rim solutions;
  • high-performance parts;
  • ergonomics and comfort.

Advanced aerodynamic solutions are becoming an integral part of the status and solidity of modern cars. Installing aerodynamic elements such as spoilers, diffusers and aerodynamic body kits designed to optimize airflow and improve handling at high speeds.

Renegade Design offers a wide selection of body kits for aerodynamic tuning of your car. The parts are designed using advanced technology and high quality materials. We aim to not only improve the appearance of your vehicle, but also its aerodynamic performance. This gives your car a brutal look while improving its handling and stability on the road.

Regardless of the make or model of your vehicle, Renegade Design offers customized aerodynamic solutions that will enhance its character and personality. Trust us with your car tuning and you will get not only quality components, but also a professional approach to their installation and maintenance.

One of the key elements of tuning are light forged wheels, which provide a significant weight reduction, which has a positive effect on the dynamics of the car, as well as the possibility of choosing an artistic design that gives the car individuality.

Rim and tire upgrades

Lightweight forged wheels with original geometric shapes and expressive finishes are becoming an essential element of tuning. These rims not only give the car a stylish appearance, but also provide improved performance thanks to reduced weight. Modern tires with improved grip and rolling resistance provide safety and comfort, as well as enhanced off-road performance and dynamics.

There are many reasons to choose forged wheels:

  • rims and tires are designed with aerodynamic principles in mind, helping to reduce aerodynamic drag and improve vehicle performance;
  • high quality materials ensure the strength, reliability and durability of the components;
  • some rim models have special designs that help the brakes dissipate heat more efficiently, increasing their efficiency and extending their service life.

Lightweight rim materials result in more even weight distribution, so vehicle handling is improved. New wheel designs optimize the aerodynamics and driving efficiency of the vehicle. The trend towards customization is evident in unique wheel designs, including geometric patterns, the play of light and shadow, and the combination of materials to create visual effects.

Tuning includes not only the rim design, but also the choice of high-performance tires. Tires with improved traction, reduced rolling resistance and long service life become an important component for improved performance.

The introduction of new materials, such as carbon and titanium, contributes to lightweight and durable wheels, improving vehicle performance.

Renegade Design provides professional rim and wheel design, manufacturing and installation services, ensuring the safe operation of our products.
кованые диски для BMW XM

Components for the best 2024 aerodynamic tuning from Renegade Design:

  • spoilers and diffusers of innovative shapes and designs that can optimize aerodynamics and improve stability;
  • side skirts aimed at controlling the flow of air around the vehicle, reducing lift;
  • air intakes essential for efficient engine cooling and optimized aerodynamics.

Technologies to improve performance and increase power 

Various technologies and methods are used to improve the performance and increase the power of automobiles. Already at the production stage, special attention is paid to optimizing the power of the car.

Electronic chip tuning

Electronic chip tuning is becoming an integral part of the rapid development of the automotive industry. Specialized programs allow you to change the parameters of engine operation by making adaptive changes in the software. This not only increases power, but also optimizes fuel efficiency, which is especially important for cars built with modern technologies.


One of the effective methods of increasing engine power is the installation of a turbocharger. This mechanism increases the volume of air entering the cylinders, resulting in more energy-efficient fuel combustion. The engine’s power is increased by the turbine. The result is improved performance and increased torque, which is especially important in dynamic driving.

Optimization of the exhaust system 

Renegade Design provides exhaust system modification services, an important step in auto tuning. Installing more efficient exhaust systems, such as sport mufflers or low-impedance exhaust systems, helps increase power and improve engine sound.

Installing a high-quality exhaust manifold and muffler designed to optimize exhaust emissions not only improves acoustic performance, but also allows gases to escape more freely, which has a positive effect on engine power.

Modernization of the braking system 

Improving the brakes not only contributes to increased safety, but also plays a key role in optimizing performance. Installing high-performance brake rims and advanced brakes from Renegade Design can improve brake pedal response, shorten stopping distances, and provide consistent braking even under heavy use.

Other popular tuning options include 

  • installation of original lighting;
  • multimedia systems;
  • innovative features;
  • electrification of components;
  • multi-level anti-theft protection;
  • environmentally friendly body kit materials.

In 2024, automotive tuning trends are undergoing a marked change, reflecting technological and stylistic advancements in the automotive industry. Modern car tuning aims to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. 
тюнинг Toyota Lend Cruiser 300

Multimedia systems in cars are getting additional features, including interaction with the driver and passengers through voice control, social media integration, and the ability to customize interior lighting and sound.

Environmental tuning is gaining popularity, including the installation of advanced exhaust systems and chip tuning with an emphasis on efficiency.

With the development of electric and hybrid cars, electric tuning is becoming popular. Electronic systems, batteries are being improved, and even design innovations are being introduced with electric cars in mind.

Smart technologies and systems are becoming an integral part of tuning. Increased demand for the integration of automated control systems and the ability to interact with the car through mobile apps is expected soon.

The trend towards unique and personalization, original and individual solutions in the exterior and interior, and the use of premium car materials remain relevant.

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