Wide body elements for BMW X7

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The body of the BMW X7 G07 crossover looks odd and monolithic. The Renegade team has developed original extensions to extend the wheel arches by 30mm with the card. Thanks to this solution, the car acquires a more pronounced relief and solidity. Traditionally, the X7 pads are made of carbon fiber or basalt. These are lightweight, durable, heat and moisture resistant materials that guarantee a long service life. prepared size to size, they do not need adjustment and are installed in the place of relatives on the staff.
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Wide body elements for BMW X7

The BMW X7 is the epitome of luxury and power among premium SUVs. However, like any vehicle, it can be personalized to suit your preferences. Renegade Design presents a body extension that emphasizes the flawlessness and elegance of the BMW X7. This tuning element is created for those who appreciate individuality and seek to stand out from the crowd.

We design body kits where every detail counts. Body extensions from Renegade Design not only add extra aesthetics to the exterior of your car, but also allow you to emphasize aerodynamics.

Benefits of installing a body extension on the BMW X7

  • Aesthetics and functionality in one solution;
  • perfect compatibility and easy installation;
  • more options for wheel installation;
  • protection against splashing and damage.

Body extensions are used in order to increase the width of the vehicle, creating a more aggressive and sporty appearance. This element can also improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle, reducing air resistance and improving handling at high speeds, and provide additional protection from splash and damage, especially when operating in rough terrain. Body extensions give the vehicle a more imposing appearance and distinctive style.

Wider wheel arches allow wider and larger wheels to be fitted, increasing stability and providing the opportunity to fit forged wheels.

Body extensions help to protect the vehicle body from splashes, dirt and stones, and prevent damage to the body when used in difficult conditions. Expansion of wheel arches by 30 mm on each side gives your car a more harmonious and monolithic look. This is not just tuning, but the art of creating perfect lines that emphasize the dynamism and strength of the BMW X7. 

Streamlined shapes and stylish overlays made of high-quality materials create an appearance that will be admired by others every step of the way.

Features of Renegade Design’s BMW X7 body extensions 

  • Body extensions increase the wheel arches by 30 mm on each side;
  • lightweight, durable and temperature and moisture resistant materials — high-quality carbon fiber and basalt;
  • carefully developed design that precisely matches the geometry of the BMW X7 body, preserving the aesthetics and structure of the vehicle;
  • the kit comes with standard mounts, ensuring flawless integration and installation without adjustments.

The body kit elements are fully compatible with the BMW X7. Premium materials ensure long life and resistance to external factors.

Body extensions not only stylize the exterior, but also increase functionality. Renegade Design products have an original design. With our products, your vehicle will become unique, fully in line with your preferences.

Every detail faithfully reproduces the geometry of the BMW X7 body, preserving its aesthetics and ensuring flawless integration. The body extension by Renegade Design is an innovative solution for those who want to turn their vehicle into a masterpiece. The team at Renegade Design designed this tuning element to emphasize the personality of this car brand and add to the exterior aesthetics. Wheel arch extensions give the car a more harmonious and imposing shape.

How to order body extensions for BMW X7 at Renegade Design 

Give your BMW X7 the opportunity to stand out, get a body extension for BMW X7 from Renegade Design with installation and delivery. Make your vehicle outstanding in all aspects of style, performance and functionality.

We design an aesthetic and functional solution tailored to each owner’s individuality. The stylish and monolithic body design of the BMW X7 G07 crossover is complemented by original body extensions that allow you to enlarge the wheel arches. 

To buy body extensions, select the desired product, read its specifications and add to cart. Place an order by specifying the necessary contact information. Choose a convenient delivery method and payment method. Complete the purchase, then you will be sent a confirmation with information about the order, cost and delivery method. Contact us for a consultation.

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