Fi Exhaust for McLaren GT

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Brand: McLaren
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McLaren McLaren GT Fi Exhaust (Frequency Intelligent Exhaust) high-performance valvetronic exhaust system is direct replacement bolt on system manufactured out of a high-grade T304 stainless steel that offers an exhilarating soundtrack.
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    T304 stainless steel
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    Fi Exhaust

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Fi Exhaust for McLaren GT

The Fi EXHAUST system for the McLaren GT encapsulates the zenith of vehicular sound and performance engineering. At its core lies the innovative valvetronic technology, meticulously crafted to modulate airflow, control sound volume, and catalyze a significant increase in both horsepower and torque by an estimated 5-10% following the installation of the full catless suite, which encompasses a valvetronic catback and an ultra-high flow downpipe.

Your journey with this system begins in stealth, with valves closed to discreetly channel exhaust gases through the muffler, ensuring a serene driving experience. Yet, when unleashed to full capacity, the valves open, and your McLaren GT roars to life with a sporty and vigorous auditory experience that promises to thrill.

Tailoring your sonic environment is effortless, with the choice to oscillate between the subtlety of street sound and the raw intensity of a race profile, all through the ease of your vehicle’s factory exhaust/sport button, drive mode selection, or the optional Fi EXHAUST remote control and mobile app.

To forge a unique aural identity for the McLaren GT, each muffler’s internal design is singularly conceived and constructed, setting the stage for an automotive experience that borders on the transcendental.

We invite you to curate your Fi EXHAUST system to match the specificities of your McLaren GT, with each component necessitating individual selection to assure a seamless integration with your vehicle’s version.

We wish to draw your attention to the inherent variability in the appearance of our products, which may reflect the particularities of your car’s model year and geographic location. The Fi EXHAUST system is a living design, subject to refinement and evolution, with product imagery serving as a mere snapshot of our commitment to perpetual innovation.

The available configurations are as follows:

Catback Exhaust:
— A valvetronic muffler paired with dual silver tips, fully compatible with the OEM electronic valve, maintaining the stock setting for a precise fit (MC-GT-CBE + TIP-GT-S).

Downpipes (Optional):
1. An Ultra High Flow DownPipe for those who seek the zenith of power and efficiency (MC-GT-NCAT).
2. A Sport 200 cell DownPipe, balancing performance with subtler sound dynamics (MC-GT-CAT200).

Fi EXHAUST Pro Remote Control System (Optional):
— An OBD2/Mobile APP Remote Control System Module (Reverse version) is available for those who desire complete command over their vehicle’s auditory output (R2020OBD-R + OBD-CAB-MBE).

By integrating the Fi EXHAUST system into your McLaren GT, you are not merely retrofitting components; you are embarking on a journey of transformation that engages all senses, coalescing into an automotive experience that is as exhilarating as it is exclusive.

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