Fi Exhaust for McLaren 720S

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Brand: McLaren
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McLaren 720S Coupe / Spider Fi Exhaust (Frequency Intelligent Exhaust) high-performance valvetronic exhaust system is direct replacement bolt on system manufactured out of a high-grade T304 stainless steel that offers an exhilarating soundtrack.
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    T304 stainless steel
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    Fi Exhaust

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Fi Exhaust for McLaren 720S

Elevate the prowess and acoustic profile of your McLaren 720S, be it a Coupe or a Spider, with the state-of-the-art Fi EXHAUST system, employing valvetronic technology for a tailored driving encounter. This innovative system promises an increase in horsepower by an estimated 5-10% post-installation of the full catless setup, which boasts both a valvetronic catback and an ultra-high flow downpipe.

This performance enhancement is complemented by an adaptable sound experience. In its quiet mode, valves close to channel exhaust fumes through the muffler for discreet travel. Yet, a mere flip of a switch, and the system opens up to belt out a formidable and energetic exhaust note, mirroring the intensity of the racetrack.

You have the luxury of toggling between the subtle street demeanor and the fierce race-ready roar through the convenience of your car’s factory exhaust/sport button, drive mode selection, or by opting for the exclusive Fi EXHAUST remote control and mobile app.

For the discerning enthusiast of the McLaren 720S, the exhaust system guarantees a signature sound and heightened performance through muffler internals custom-designed for this model, assuring an unparalleled driving experience.

Attention to detail is crucial, and to this end, individual components of the Fi EXHAUST system are available for separate purchase, ensuring each part is perfectly attuned to the version of your vehicle.

Please be aware that variations in the exhaust system’s appearance may occur, dependent on the model year and the geographical location of your vehicle. As we continuously refine our designs, the system may undergo aesthetic modifications over time, hence, the product images are a representation of our commitment to innovation and quality.

We proudly present both valved and non-valved versions for your selection. The non-valved version excises the exhaust valves, prioritizing an unfettered exhaust flow and the maximum volume of sound, while reducing overall weight. The valved iteration incorporates exhaust valves to balance the sound, providing control over its intensity.

For the valved exhausts, two versions are available for the McLaren 720S:

1. The first integrates with the vehicle’s original valve motors, retaining the factory settings for exhaust valve operation – ideal for models originally equipped with valvetronic technology.

2. The second is tailored for models without pre-existing valvetronic technology, incorporating the Fi remote control system for valve manipulation and sound regulation.

We offer a comprehensive suite of options to personalize your system further:

Catback Exhaust:
— Valved versions with a Valvetronic muffler, carbon fiber tips, and an optional OBD2/Mobile App Remote Control System Module.
— Non-Valved versions with a Valvetronic muffler and carbon fiber tips for unbridled sound.

Downpipes (Optional):
— Ultra High Flow DownPipe with a Heat Protector.
— Sport 200 cell DownPipe with a Heat Protector.

Tips (Optional):
— Dual Tips in Forged Carbon with color/texture options, though susceptible to changes under high temperatures.

Fi EXHAUST Pro Remote Control System (Optional):
— For the OEM Valved version, an OBD2/Mobile APP Remote Control System Module is available for nuanced control.

By choosing the Fi EXHAUST system for your McLaren 720S, you opt for not just an upgrade, but a transformation that touches every sense, offering a symphony of power and a crafted experience that stands unparalleled.

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