Fi Exhaust for Ferrari 812 Superfast

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Brand: Ferrari
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Ferrari 812 Superfast Fi Exhaust (Frequency Intelligent Exhaust) high-performance valvetronic exhaust system is direct replacement bolt on system manufactured out of a high-grade T304 stainless steel that offers an exhilarating soundtrack.
  • Brand
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    812 Superfast
  • Material
    T304 stainless steel
  • Manufacturer
    Fi Exhaust

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Fi Exhaust for Ferrari 812 Superfast

Engineered to redefine your driving experience, the Fi EXHAUST system for the Ferrari 812 Superfast incorporates advanced valvetronic technology to meticulously manage airflow, modulate sound levels, and augment overall performance and torque. With the full catless system in place—which consists of a valvetronic catback and ultra-high flow downpipe—expect to see an average horsepower gain of 5-10%.

In the closed-valve setting, exhaust gases are quietly channeled through the muffler, assuring a tranquil, low-profile ride. When the valves are opened, however, prepare for an exhilarating, robust soundtrack that will awaken your senses.

Effortless switching between subdued street and aggressive race sound profiles is enabled through the vehicle’s factory exhaust/sport button, driving modes, or the optional Fi EXHAUST remote control and mobile app.

This Fi EXHAUST system’s distinct acoustic and performance attributes for the Ferrari 812 Superfast are made possible through specially engineered muffler internals, tailored to maximize your driving enjoyment.

Please be advised that each component of the Fi EXHAUST system is sold separately, and different parts are available based on your specific vehicle model.

Note that the actual product’s appearance may vary according to the year and location of your vehicle. Moreover, the exhaust system design may undergo updates over an extended period. All images are for illustrative purposes only.

Catback Exhaust Options:
— Valvetronic Muffler + Standard Remote Control System Module (FR-812-CBV + R2016OL + OBD-CAB-V)

Optional Mid Pipe:
— Mid X-Pipe (FR-812-XP)

Optional Downpipes:
1. Ultra High Flow DownPipe (FR-812-NCAT)
2. Racing 100 Cell DownPipe (FR-812-CAT100)
3. Sport 200 Cell DownPipe (FR-812-CAT200)

Optional Fi EXHAUST Pro Remote Control System:
— OBD2/Mobile APP Remote Control System Module (R2020OBD)

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