Front bumper for JEEP GC WK2

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Grand Cherokee’s history goes back to 1992, which shows a high interest towards this vehicle on the market. During the last decade this middle size crossover has conquered the Russian market as well. Stylish exterior doesn’t leave anyone indifferent. But we can add more gravitas. Renegade offers to add a tuning bumper for Jeep GC WK2. The main difference with the original bumper is massiveness and a narrow gap of the air intake, which has appeared in the upper part. Composite polymer is used to manufacture this bumper which means lightness, pliability and durability. The fact that the installation is implemented into the original anchorage makes the process fast and doesn’t need prior fitting.
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    Grand Cherokee
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    Renegade Design

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Front bumper for JEEP GC WK2

Incredible Jeep Bumpers: How To Make Your Car The Brightest On The Road

If you dream of drastically changing your car’s appearance, then you should think about tuning the bumper Jeep Grand Cherokee — this is an easy way that gives you many opportunities for a flight of imagination. Tuning a car with bumpers is the best solution. From the visual enhancement of the body and additional features to creating a more beautiful interior to the technical modification of the engine and its components to improve performance, etc., the Jeep Grand Cherokee front bumper is always a great decision. If you want to buy a bumper Jeep, it’s better to opt for the best models from the best suppliers.

What Is Unique About Tuning

External tuning consists of changing the car’s appearance to improve the vehicle’s exterior and its features. The bumper is one of the most commonly replaced parts. Both front and Jeep Grand Cherokee bumper front are significant in protecting your vehicle. Its principal responsibility is to protect the body from damage in collisions and energy absorption from impact. If you put an aerodynamic body kit on the bumper for Jeep Grand Cherokee, you can improve the pressing power of the front of the car with air currents that accumulate while driving.

What You Should Know Before Buying

Before you decide whether you need to buy a new bumper, you should know that rapids are dangerous while driving; they create an obstacle to movement, and the vehicle can be thrown to the side. Therefore, it is essential to choose the best bumper. The aerodynamic body kit attached to the bumper rear Jeep Grand Cherokee prevents turbulence in the air following the car. The body kit affects the handling and maneuverability of the vehicle. Therefore, an accurately chosen and installed rear bumper Jeep can provide a comfortable ride at speeds over 100 km/h.

Why Opt For Renegade Design

Creative minds develop distinctive patterns directly at Renegade Design and individually adapted to the respective vehicle and therefore ideally suited to each vehicle. All bumpers are tested under extraordinary conditions so that they can be installed without additional effort. When you buy bumper Jeep Grand Cherokee by Renegade Design, you receive:

  • Five years product warranty for bumper Jeep and other models.
  • Worldwide and countrywide shipping by airmail.
  • Certified product.

Renegade Design creates only high-quality products. During the checks at the service station, there will be no problems with the bumper. Choosing a bumper front Jeep from a tuning studio, the car owner will receive the best product that will serve for more than one couple of years.

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