Body kit for Mercedes-Benz GLS X167

Body kit for Mercedes-Benz GLS X167 from Renegade Design

Dear Friends, we are glad to present to your attention a body kit for Mercedes-Benz GLS X167!

I think many have noticed the modern trend of smoothing sharp angles, streamlined shapes, even the famous and beloved «gelandewagen» is no longer the same. The other models are not exception. The sharpness and audacity with which the cars looked is gradually disappearing. But do not be in a hurry to be disappointed, there is a solution, and we are ready to offer it to you!

The predatory body kit for Mercedes-Benz GLS X 167 will bring sharpness and audacity to the appearance of the German premium SUV, just in those places where they are not enough. Namely: front and rear bumpers, hood, sills, and trunk lid.

Compared to the basic configuration, the car has been greatly transformed. I think you won’t argue if we say that the car has started to look better. It began to look predatory, formidable, sporty. Even the AMG version looks boring against the background of the Mercedes-Benz GLS X 167 body kit from Renegade Design.

I would like to emphasize separately the huge advantage of tuning Mercedes-Benz GLS from Renegade Design, that all parts are installed on native elements in standard mounts, there can’t even be problems with the installation!

The Mercedes-Benz body kit from Renegade Design is a great opportunity to become a unique and stand out among most similar cars, and replenish your positive emotions every day!

The body kit includes: Front bumper lip, Rear bumper diffuser, Front bumper inserts, Exhaust tips, Upper Spoiler, Lower Spoiler, Brake light, Thresholds, Duct inserts

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