Tesla forged wheels

Forged wheels for Tesla Model S Plaid

Forged wheels for Tesla Model S Plaid

Forged wheels for Tesla Model X

Forged wheels for Tesla Model X

Forged wheels for Tesla Model S

Forged wheels for Tesla Model S


Tesla cars deserve the best, so installing forged wheels opens up new horizons for their car owners. Stylish automotive design is not without forged wheels. The technological embodiment of strength, reliability and style combine to deliver outstanding performance. They have become an integral part of auto tuning, giving each car a unique character and noticeable sophistication.

Advantages of installing forged wheels for Tesla car

  • Lightweight and aerodynamic. Rims help to reduce the amount of load that interacts with the suspension, improving overall aerodynamics, increasing driving efficiency.
  • Superior durability. These products have an increased level of durability, making them a reliable choice for increased stresses on the road and any driving conditions.
  • Unique design. The aesthetic appearance of forged wheels becomes the hallmark of your car and a unique accent, emphasizing the preferences and tastes of the Tesla owner.

Because of their design, the rims help the brakes work more efficiently by providing better ventilation and cooling. Since forged wheels are made by forging, this allows for a high degree of precision in shape and parameters, which is important for evenly distributing loads and preventing vibrations when driving.

Forged wheels gain their uniqueness through the careful processing of the aluminum alloy at elevated temperatures. This process gives the rims a special degree of strength and durability that becomes an essential quality when used in a variety of road conditions.

Purchasing forged wheels is not just a way to improve the performance of your car, but also a unique opportunity to give it a unique look.

Why buy Tesla forged wheels from Renegade Design?

When you buy from Renegade Design, you get a number of undeniable benefits:

  • Renegade Design offers a variety of forged wheels, allowing you to find the best fit for your taste and style.
  • Attractive designs created by the experts at Renegade Design give your Tesla a unique look.
  • The Renegade Design team can help you choose the perfect tires for your new forged wheels, providing the best combination of style and performance.

Forged wheels provide a variety of sizes and configurations, offering a wide range of choices that can be fine-tuned to fit the specific requirements of different makes and models of vehicles. We create quality products that are optimally dimensioned and require minimal maintenance due to their robust construction.

Forged wheels for Tesla are resistant to wear and tear and retain their appearance for a long time, which reduces replacement and repair costs. The products are highly resistant to various operational influences such as impacts, vibrations and rough roads. This is especially important when traveling in difficult road conditions.

Buying forged wheels from Renegade Design is not just an improvement in automotive performance, but also an investment in the comfort and exclusivity of your vehicle. This solution makes your car stand out from the crowd and gives it an individual charm.

How to order forged wheels for Tesla

The process of ordering forged wheels for your Tesla at Renegade Design is simple and easy:

  • Use the online catalog on the Renegade Design website to browse our wide range of forged wheels.
  • Our experts are ready to provide you with professional advice on choosing the right rims and tires.
  • Renegade Design ships worldwide, ensuring your order is received quickly.

The range of forged wheels from Renegade Design provides car enthusiasts with many advantages, combining not only aesthetic appeal, but also high functionality. Thus, their choice is justified from two perspectives — both visual aesthetics and practical perfection. Whether you want to distinguish your car with stylish design or to improve its performance, forged wheels are a bright spot in the world of automotive technology and tuning.

Installing Forged Wheels on a Tesla

Once you purchase forged wheels from Renegade Design, we provide professional installation services.

Our experienced craftsmen guarantee a fitment that meets Tesla manufacturer standards.

When you choose forged wheels from Renegade Design, you get superior quality and professional service from the best experts in the tuning industry.

Renegade Design presents a variety of designs, from classic to modern. You’ll be able to choose the perfect rims to match the style of your Tesla. Professional guidance from our experts helps you find the best combination of style and performance.

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