Rolls-Royce forged wheels

Forged wheels for Rolls-Royce Wraith

Forged wheels for Rolls-Royce Wraith

Forged wheels for Rolls-Royce Ghost

Forged wheels for Rolls-Royce Ghost

Forged wheels for Rolls-Royce Cullinan

Forged wheels for Rolls-Royce Cullinan


Rolls-Royce luxury cars always attract attention with their elegant and sophisticated design. However, many car owners want to give their cars an even more exclusive and individual look.

One of the ways to improve the car is to install forged disks from Renegade Design. Unique tuning elements not only contribute to personalization, but also increase the performance of the car.

Forged wheels — features and nuances

Forged wheel disc is an element of dodging, which is made of aluminum.

The main characteristics:

  • are made by hot stamping billets of aluminum alloy, not by casting, as cast rims;
  • due to the specific process, forged rims have higher strength and rigidity, but lower weight compared to cast rims;
  • the fine-grained structure of the metal allows the thickness and weight of the products to be reduced;
  • disks are more resistant to deformation and destruction under impact loads, which makes them safer;
  • forged rims are justifiably more expensive than cast rims because of their more complex and labor-intensive production.

Forged rims are often installed on premium and sports cars, as they offer a number of technical advantages over original car elements.

Due to their lighter construction, forged rims contribute to weight reduction, which has a positive effect on dynamic performance and handling.

Pros of using forged disks on Rolls-Royce

  • increased strength and durability — forging improves the structure of the metal, making the disks more resistant to deformation and damage;
  • lower weight — 15-20% less than cast counterparts, which has a positive effect on the dynamics;
  • exclusive design — many unique solutions that allow you to individualize the appearance of the car.

You can choose a design identical to the original disks from Rolls-Royce, but with improved technical characteristics.

Forged disks may deform under impact loads, but they do not collapse, unlike cast disks, which can crack. This improves driving safety as it allows the driver to maintain control of the vehicle even under severe impacts.

The elasticity and ductility of heat-treated aluminum allows the disc to better absorb shock loads, which has a positive effect on the smoothness of the ride.  For example, when maneuvering sharply or braking at high speeds, lighter and stronger rims provide better stability of the car

How Rolls-Royce forged rims are manufactured

  • forging;
  • machining;
  • design.

The best raw materials are selected for manufacturing. Production begins with heating and stamping of aluminum alloy blanks in closed dies. This process is repeated 2-3 times to improve strength characteristics.

Forging is done in aluminum alloy, then the discs are carefully machined with high precision like jewelry. After stamping, the blanks are machined on CNC machines to give the final shape and dimensions of the disk.

To improve metal structure and strength, forged disks are quenched at high temperature followed by rapid cooling. Thanks to this approach, not only strength but also an exclusive appearance is achieved.

In some cases, a paint coating is applied, but in general no additional protection is required, as aluminum is resistant to corrosion.

A wide range of unique design solutions will allow you to individualize the appearance of your Rolls-Royce.

Benefits of buying rims from Renegade Design

  • When you turn to Renegade Design, you get access to more than 40 unique design solutions for foreign cars;
  • tuning parts produced by us have high durability and wear resistance due to improved forging technology;
  • car tuning elements have a positive effect on the dynamics and handling of Rolls-Royce;
  • Renegade Design provides a lifetime warranty on forged wheels, confirming the high quality and reliability of the products.

There is a simple ordering process with worldwide delivery. You can personalize your car by purchasing an exclusive dodger created by our experts.

How to buy forged rims for Rolls-Royce

To buy forged wheels, follow the steps below:

browse the options and choose the design you like best;

make a request online, specifying the necessary information in the application;

wait for a response from the company by phone, messengers or e-mail.

Our managers will consult and accompany the client at every stage of the order. After agreeing on all points, the client pays the invoice and awaits delivery. We guarantee prompt and reliable transportation of wheeled wheels

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