Maserati forged wheels

Forged wheels for Maserati Levante

Forged wheels for Maserati Levante


Maserati is the epitome of Italian automobile design and engineering excellence. From the elegant sedan to the luxurious SUV, every model of this brand is characterized by exquisite style and high performance.

When it is necessary to give Maserati even more individuality and improve its performance, car owners choose to install forged wheels. This tuning element makes the car stand out on the road and improves aerodynamics.

For what properties forged disks are chosen

Car forged rims are produced by hot volume stamping (forging) from high-strength aluminum alloys.

The production process has a number of important features:

  • technology;
  • material;
  • properties of the final product.

Unlike cast disks, which are made by pouring molten metal into a mold, forged disks are produced by hot volume stamping in closed dies.

Special aluminum alloys with high strength and ductility are used to produce forged rims, which is important for reliability and durability.

Forged rims are widely used in motorsports and for tuning premium segment cars, including Maserati models. They are chosen because of their technical advantages as well as the possibility of customizing the design.

Reasons to install forged wheels on Maserati include

  • Preservation of the original design;
  • improving aerodynamic performance;
  • optimizing handling and braking;
  • aesthetic premium accent.

Maserati cars are characterized by a sleek, premium design that is integral to their appeal. Forged rims allow you to preserve and even emphasize this corporate style without disturbing the overall harmony of the appearance of the car.

Forged rims can be made in an elegant classic style, perfectly complementing the luxurious look of this SUV. There is a possibility of sporty style and other options for personalizing the dodger.

High-quality forged wheels can withstand the high stresses of off-road driving and the active operation of the four-wheel drive transmission. This improves the handling and dynamic performance of your Maserati.

Forged wheels are lighter in construction than factory Maserati alloy wheels. At the same time, they are characterized by increased durability due to the hot volume stamping technology.

As the weight of the car is reduced, this has a positive effect on acceleration dynamics, handling and braking performance. Forged disks are also more resistant to deformation and damage.

Mechanism of production of forged disks on Maserati

Production features:

  • designing;
  • selection of quality raw materials;
  • forging;
  • heat treatment;
  • design realization;
  • additional decoration.

To create strong and durable forged disks, you need a material with high resistance to deformation and damage. Aluminum alloy, which has undergone a full cycle of processing, guarantees the reliability of wheels even in the harshest operating conditions.

Forged wheels provide ample opportunities to realize an exclusive design that emphasizes the individuality of the Maserati owner. Customers can choose from a variety of decorative elements and engravings.

For example, you can order forged wheels in classic style or with aggressive sporty accents to make your car even more unique and stand out on the road.

Advantages of buying at Renegade Design

  • professional approach;
  • high quality products;
  • exclusive design;
  • lifetime warranty;
  • worldwide delivery.

Forged wheels from Renegade Design are specially created to emphasize the luxurious appeal and dynamic qualities of Maserati cars. They combine elegance and power to perfectly complement the premium look of the brand’s models.

The lifetime warranty on forged rims confirms the high quality and reliability of the products and gives customers added confidence in the durability of the wheels.

We offer a wide range of exclusive designs and color solutions for forged rims, allowing you to make your car even more unique. We will create a design specifically for you, taking into account all your preferences.

You can order online or by contacting our specialists by phone or e-mail.

When ordering online, select the necessary products, add to cart and follow the instructions on the site. Fill in the order details, select the payment method and the desired delivery method. Complete the purchase process and wait for delivery. Our specialists will contact you to clarify the details.

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