Maserati forged wheels

Forged wheels for Maserati Levante

Forged wheels for Maserati Levante


New rims for Maserati Levante

The unique design of Maserati forged rims is an essential attribute to create a unique look for your car. Of course, the factory rims for the Levante look austere and appropriate, but you have to admit, the car is begging to unleash its sporty potential through updated forged wheels.

Preserving the refinement of the car’s sophisticated design

The arsenal of Renegade Design branded rims is limitless, with off-the-shelf solutions from our professional engineers. We would be happy to help with choosing the «right» rims for your Maserati Levante. Contact us in any way and we will hand over to our designers the task of presenting your Maserati with updated rims in a photo format.

Technical features of the premium Italian

Italian models have earned their place of honor in the automotive field for their sophistication and accomplished designs, they are also renowned for their reliability. Renegade Design offers to raise the bar with forging. In-house produced rims have properties such as weight reduction, increased strength: forged wheels are virtually impossible to deform.

State-of-the-art equipment and quality control

At every stage, from the model design of the rim to installation, our quality control specialists carefully check for defects. This allows us to minimize defects or poor-quality wheels, and thanks to modern equipment, all work is carried out with millimeter accuracy.

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