Lexus forged wheels

Forged wheels for Lexus LX600

Forged wheels for Lexus LX600


Car tuning is not without installation of forged wheels. Wheel disks, made by innovative forging method, bring a unique accent to the image of any car, effectively complementing even such prestigious brands as Lexus.

Forged wheels not only give a car a unique style and charisma, but also have high strength and lightness, which is important for comfort and safety on the road.

Forged wheels — emphasis on aesthetics and quality

This type of car rims is made by pressing and processing a special forged aluminum alloy. Forged wheels differ from cast wheels in production method, features and advantages.

Forged wheels have a special aesthetics, complemented by original design. They perfectly complement any car and add individuality.

Features and advantages of forged wheels on Lexus

  • high strength and lightness;
  • unique style;
  • premium features;
  • excellent quality;
  • perfect compatibility with the car.

Due to a special manufacturing process, forged wheels become more durable and can withstand heavy loads with minimal weight. This element of body kit allows you to improve the handling and braking performance of the car.

Forged wheels are made in a special style. Their unique appearance is achieved through the forging process, which allows you to create different textures and patterns on the surface of the disk. Among the various designs and finishes, you can always find the right one for any car, taking into account your own preferences.

Car rims are often used in auto tuning to improve the appearance and performance of the car. Forged wheels help to improve the dynamic characteristics of the car and reduce the load on the suspension.

Forged rims allow you to create various textures, patterns and reliefs on their surface which gives the car an exclusive and aesthetic appearance. These rims are available in a variety of designs and finishes, from which you can find the perfect match for every Lexus model.

Due to their lightness and strength, forged wheels contribute to a more efficient braking system, improving brake response and reducing stopping distances.

How Lexus forged wheels are made

The process of manufacturing forged wheels for Lexus cars is a complex technological operation, which consists of several stages:

  • casting of the billet;
  • hot forging;
  • machining;
  • finishing and quality control.

The initial stage of production consists of casting a billet from a special aluminum alloy. This alloy has certain characteristics of strength and lightness, which allows you to get a high-quality base for the future disk.

The billet is heated to a certain temperature and then forged under high pressure. In this way, the billet is given the necessary shape and rigidity, improving its mechanical properties.

After forging, the disk goes through a series of mechanical operations: machining of the ends, drilling of holes for mounting bolts and surface milling.

Finally, the disk undergoes a final finishing process: it is painted, polished and, if necessary, logos and markings are applied.

Advanced technologies and equipment ensure high quality and precision of manufacturing. Ready forged wheels are reliable and durable components that can withstand high loads and provide safety and comfort during use on the road.

Benefits of buying from Renegade Design

  • increased durability;
  • improved handling;
  • exclusive styling;
  • reliability and aesthetics.

We produce forged wheels that are strong and durable, ideal for use in a variety of conditions.

Thanks to the optimal lightness and rigidity of the design, forged wheels help to improve the handling and stability of the car on the road.

We create not just body kits, but true works of art that give the car a luxurious and elegant appearance, highlighting its advantages on the road.

Our catalog includes a variety of designs and configurations, from classic to modern, so that every customer can find the best solution to suit their tastes and preferences.

We are ready to offer personalized projects for you — professional designers will help you select rims and create an individual variant to suit your style and requirements.

How to order the best forged wheels for Lexus

When you turn to Renegade Design, you get body kits that will be an aesthetic and technological advantage for your car.

Forged wheels created by our team reduce weight and improve aerodynamics. The durable coating protects them from corrosion and damage, ensuring long life and flawless appearance of your car.

To order forged wheels for your Lexus, follow these simple steps:

  • choose the right rims, considering model and design — refer to our catalog to see the available options;
  • fill out the feedback form on the website or contact our managers;.
  • after clarifying all the details, place an order — we will provide you with full information about the cost and lead time;
  • choose a convenient method of payment and specify the delivery address — we guarantee fast and reliable transportation.

Our specialists will help you choose the optimal parameters and configuration of disks, taking into account the peculiarities of your car and your individual preferences.

We guarantee high quality products, individual approach to the order and reliable support at all stages of cooperation. Don’t miss the opportunity to upgrade your Lexus and give it a stylish and unique look with a stylish body kit.

Pros of ordering from Renegade Design

With us you can buy not only branded rims for your Lexus, but also aerodynamic dodging as a complete or individually. All products are fully compliant with the manufacturer’s recommendations and regulations, so you will not have any problems with the operation of the car.

Together with this you will get a lifetime warranty forged wheels monoblock and 5 years warranty for aerodynamic dodges. Any payment methods: cash and cashless payment.

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