Lexus forged wheels

Forged wheels for Lexus LX600

Forged wheels for Lexus LX600


Which Lexus vehicles can be fitted with forged wheels?

There are no restrictions on Lexus models, as each order is made directly to your car. We will select the right parameters forged wheels.

Features of forged wheels for Lexus

New Lexus rims have not only a spectacular visual effect on your car, but also practical features such as weight reduction and increased strength. You can’t pass by your SUV without noticing its updated, sporty appearance.

Choosing Lexus forged wheels

Regardless of the model, our in-house forged rims are versatile. Choose from more than 40 designs, plus we offer exclusive options: our professional designers will be happy to develop variants according to your preferences. Renegade Design forging is limited edition, so your rims will be engraved with numbering from 1 to 10.

Pros of ordering from Renegade Design

With us you can buy not only branded rims for your Lexus, but also aerodynamic dodging as a complete or individually. All products are fully compliant with the manufacturer’s recommendations and regulations, so you will not have any problems with the operation of the car.

Together with this you will get a lifetime warranty forged wheels monoblock and 5 years warranty for aerodynamic dodges. Any payment methods: cash and cashless payment.

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