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Land Rover forged wheels

Forged wheels for Range Rover Sport

Forged wheels for Range Rover Sport

Forged wheels for Range Rover

Forged wheels for Range Rover

Forged wheels for Land Rover Defender

Forged wheels for Land Rover Defender


Forged rims are suitable for premium vehicles, including Land Rovers. These wheels are stronger and lighter than alloy wheels, aesthetically pleasing and reliable in use.

By purchasing forged rims, Land Rover owners not only improve the performance of their cars, but also give them an exclusive and stylish look.  

What are forged rims 

This is a special type of wheel rims made from aluminum alloys using forging technology. 


  • elaborate design;
  • reliable materials;
  • exclusive design;
  • light weight.

Since the production process involves stamping molten aluminum billets under high pressure, the structure of the metal is obtained more dense and homogeneous. 

Unlike cast disks, forged products demonstrate light weight, while maintaining positive qualities. It is possible to apply various designs, drawings and engravings. Forged disks can look exactly as the car owner wishes.  

What are the advantages of forged disks on Land Rover 

  • Strength and durability;
  • reliability and high quality;
  • the possibility of personalization;
  • full compliance with the general concept of the car;
  • compatibility with other elements of the dodger.

Forged rims for Land Rover are made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which is used in many industries. The process of forging under high pressure increases the resistance of finished products to deformation and impact.

Forged rims stand out for their exceptional strength and ability to withstand the high loads typical of powerful SUVs.

Thanks to their lighter weight, forged disks improve the dynamics, handling and braking characteristics of performance and status cars.

The principle of production of forged disks for Land Rover

The algorithm is as follows:

  • material selection;
  • forging technology;
  • mechanical processing;
  • quality control.

The peculiarity of production of forged rims for Land Rover is the use of a special process of forging aluminum alloy under high pressure and temperature. This creates disks with higher strength and lightness compared to cast products. 

To understand the difference: cast rims are made by pouring molten metal into a mold and then cooling it down. This can result in larger and heavier molds, but there is a reduction in strength compared to forged.

The production of forged rims begins with the melting of aluminum billets, which are then subjected to high pressure stamping.

After forging, the disks undergo several machining steps — milling, grinding and polishing. After this step, the products acquire precise geometric characteristics and the desired appearance. 

Special attention in the production of forged disks for Land Rover is paid to ensuring high quality and safety. The disks are designed taking into account the operation of standard systems of the car.

Advanced technological processes make it possible to create products that meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

Advantages of buying from Renegade Design 

  • unique design;
  • improved performance;
  • wide range of products;
  • warranty;
  • worldwide delivery;
  • top class service.

Forged rims from Renegade Design feature a custom design that gives your Land Rover a distinctive character and makes it stand out from the crowd on the road.

Renegade Design offers updated forged rims with unique designs to suit all Land Rover models. 

For each vehicle, our specialists develop an individual design: minimalistic and elegant, emphasizing luxury and sophistication, or more sporty and aggressive, reflecting a dynamic character.

The products are characterized by high quality. All elements of the dodger are made with the use of modern technologies and materials, so there is a guarantee of reliability and durability of the tuning parts.

The team of specialists provides professional service, including consultations on the choice of disks and installation on the car. Among various designs, sizes and finishes, you can always find the best option for your Land Rover.

How to order 

Explore our range of forged rims and choose the right option based on model, size and design. To find out more about the details and possibilities of a customized project, contact our specialists by phone. 

When placing an order online, provide the necessary information, desired size and number of disks. Place your order by providing the necessary contact information for communication and delivery of goods. Wait for confirmation from Renegade Design and choose a convenient method of payment.

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