Lamborgini forged wheels

Forged wheels for Lamborghini Urus

Forged wheels for Lamborghini Urus


Lamborghini is a brand that epitomizes power, speed and sporty character. Every detail of Lamborghini cars, from the aerodynamic dodger to the exhaust system, is carefully crafted for maximum performance. However, for true connoisseurs of individuality, even this may not be enough.

By installing forged wheels, you can make your Lamborghini even more personalized, emphasizing character and enhancing performance. Forged wheels not only make the car stand out from the crowd, but also optimize dynamics.

What exclusive forged rims represent 

Forged rims are hot forged from high-strength aluminum alloys. 

They have a number of important differences from traditional alloy wheels:

  • appearance;
  • construction;
  • weight.

Forged rims have a more complex, individual design with various decorative elements and a variety of finishes. By choosing the appropriate style of disks, you can bring a touch of aggressiveness, add an accent to the sporty look, emphasize the edges and angles.

Forged rims are made by hot forging, which results in a denser and more fibrous metal structure. This makes forged disks more durable and resistant to deformation compared to their cast counterparts.

Due to the peculiarities of production, forged disks have less weight than cast or factory disks of the same size. 

What are the features of Lamborghini forged wheels?

By installing forged rims, you can expect the following aspects:

  • reduced wheel weight;
  • increased durability and reliability;
  • the possibility of a customized design;
  • improved aerodynamics and handling characteristics.

The lightweight design reduces the weight of the vehicle, which has a positive effect on acceleration dynamics, affects handling and braking distance efficiency.

Thanks to hot forging technology, forged disks have a denser metal structure. The heat-treated product is more resistant to deformation and damage. This durability is especially important for powerful and dynamic Lamborghini cars.

Aesthetic forged rims are the ideal choice for Lamborghini owners who want to improve the technical performance of the car, draw attention to its individuality and ensure high reliability of the wheels.

The principle of Lamborghini forged wheels is as follows

  • When designing forged rims, special attention is paid to minimizing the weight of the rims while maintaining an increased reserve of static and dynamic strength;
  • to withstand the high stresses of hard acceleration, braking and cornering at high speeds;
  • production of forged disks for Lamborghini is carried out using the latest technologies and high-precision equipment;
  • high quality and precision of manufacturing is achieved at all stages — from design to packaging of finished products.

Multistage quality control is carried out at the production site to exclude any defects or deviations from the specified parameters. Finished forged disks for will meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

Forged disks allow you to realize almost any exclusive design, from aggressive sports forms to elegant classic styles. Thanks to this element of dodging, you can make your Lamborghini car even more unique and stand out on the road, emphasizing its sporty character and personality of the owner.

Advantages of buying from us

  • We use modern technologies;
  • strict quality control and the possibility of realizing an exclusive design;
  • we create wheels that perfectly meet the high requirements of premium brand cars;
  • provide a warranty.

Renegade Design guarantees that the wheels you purchase for your Lamborghini will be of exceptional quality. We deliver forged wheels for Lamborghini all over the world, providing the possibility of payment through various online services. The buying process is as simple and convenient for customers as possible.

Before placing an order, you can consult with our specialists to find the right forged wheels for your car.

You can make a purchase or place an order on our website. Select and add the product to the cart, specify the quantity and order requirements. Complete the checkout process by selecting delivery and payment methods. Experts of the company will contact you to clarify and agree on the details. Expect your order on the appointed date.

Guaranteed by Renegade Design

Forging is so durable that we offer a lifetime warranty on our products. You’ll agree, this is one of the most important factors when choosing new rims for your Urus. Before shipment, the rims undergo a multi-stage inspection for the quality claimed.

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