Jeep GC WK2 forged wheels

Forged wheels for Jeep Trackhawk

Forged wheels for Jeep Trackhawk

Forged wheels for Jeep SRT WK2

Forged wheels for Jeep SRT WK2


Exclusive Jeep rims are forged with unrivaled vehicle performance and style in mind. Forged products surpass traditional counterparts in durability and design benefits, emphasizing the character of a powerful SUV.

With designer dodgers, car owners can add personality and desired accent to the vehicle, as well as improve aerodynamics.

What are the features of forged rims

This particular type of wheel rims are made from aluminum alloys using forging technology.

Forged rims allow Jeep owners to improve the performance of their vehicles and personalize them to their preferences.

Design nuances:

  • increased durability characteristics;
  • lower weight while maintaining quality;
  • exclusive design;
  • possibility of customization.

Disks are produced by stamping molten billets, which are processed under high pressure. The finished structure is more durable, able to withstand heavy loads. The light weight of the disks improves the aerodynamics of the car.

Among a wide selection of unique designs, you can always choose the right option to emphasize the character and style of the car.

It is possible to implement individual characteristics — sizes, widths, colors and even engravings.

Advantages of forged disks for Jeep car

  • designed specifically for Jeep;
  • high quality;
  • durability and reliability;
  • exclusive design;
  • improved driving performance;
  • individuality and aesthetics for vehicles.

The structure of the material is more dense and homogeneous compared to cast analogs. Such products demonstrate increased strength and ability to withstand heavy loads, which will be appreciated by car owners — Jeep SUVs are often operated in difficult conditions. High impact resistance and resistance to deformation are optimally suited for off-roading.

Due to the manufacturing technology, forged disks are 15-20% lighter than their cast counterparts. Thus, the installation of disks improves the dynamic characteristics of the car — acceleration, braking and handling. Strong and light disks also reduce the load on the suspension and chassis of Jeep.

Many models of rims have original drawings, complex milled elements, contrasting finishes and exclusive color solutions.

Forged disks are an excellent choice for tuning and improving the performance of SUVs. The products provide Jeep owners with a combination of increased lightness and strength, as well as an exclusive appearance.

Production process of forged rims for Jeep

Key steps:

  • stamping of molten metal blanks;
  • machining;
  • heat treatment and painting.

Production begins with the melting of aluminum alloys, which are then stamped under high pressure. This process makes the structure of the metal more dense and homogeneous, the characteristics of strength and reliability are increased.

Disks are subjected to several stages of mechanical processing. Milling, grinding and polishing are performed to give the products the exact geometric characteristics and desired appearance.

The final stages of production include heat treatment to increase strength, as well as the application of high-quality paint coating. Such an algorithm guarantees durability and protection of disks from external influences.

Why choose Renegade Design

We produce forged disks using advanced technologies. We create high quality products with increased durability and exclusive appearance.

We offer a wide range of unique designs of forged disks, which are suitable not only for various popular Jeep models.

  • We realize designs with original patterns that include a combination of classic and modern elements;
  • disks allow you to make the SUV bright and memorable on the road
  • We take into account individual characteristics to perfectly match the preferences of the Jeep owner;
  • available in different sizes, widths, colors and even engraving;
  • We guarantee high quality and durability.

When you contact Renegade Design, you can order rims with a unique design, including 3D engraving of your logo or other elements. Create a truly exclusive appearance of your car by taking advantage of our rims.

Forged disks from Renegade Design are produced on innovative equipment, which ensures their high durability, reliability and safety. The forging process makes the metal structure more dense and homogeneous, increasing resistance to deformation and impact.

Order forged rims for Jeep with worldwide delivery. Fill out the order form online or get in touch with us for details.

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