Infiniti forged wheels

Infiniti is a premium Japanese automobile brand known for its powerful and dynamic models. Coming off the assembly line, Infiniti cars already demonstrate brutal character and sporty temperament. However, for true fans of Japanese SUVs, even this may not be enough. 

One way to give your Infiniti car even more personality and improve its performance is to install forged rims. Exclusive forged disks not only make your car stand out from the crowd, but also have a number of important technical advantages.

Features of forged rims design 

  • materials;
  • manufacturing process;
  • design.

This type of wheel rims has improved strength characteristics and light weight. Forged rims have a sleek design and can have various patterns, notches and elements.

Thanks to the forging process and the use of quality raw materials, forged rims have high strength and resistance to stress, which is especially important when used on poorly paved roads or when driving at increased speeds. Such disks contribute to the improvement of vehicle dynamics and fuel economy.

Pros of forged disks

  • stability during operation;
  • less weight compared to alloy wheels;
  • unrivaled aesthetics.

Forged disks help to improve the dynamic characteristics of the car, affecting acceleration, braking and handling;

Stylish and elegant design of disks improves the appearance of the car. Various design and finish options are available.

Advantages of installing forged wheels on Infiniti

  • Improved performance due to weight reduction;
  • increased strength and durability;
  • possibility of individual design.

Forged disks, unlike alloy wheels, have a lighter construction. This allows you to reduce the weight of the car, which has a positive effect on the dynamics of acceleration, controllability and braking efficiency. Installation of forged disks Renegade Design can reduce the weight of the wheels by 2-3 kg, which will noticeably improve driving performance even for an SUV.

Forged rims feature a denser and stronger metal structure that is resistant to deformation and damage. Even when hitting large pits or curbs, forged rims are almost impossible to break as easily as other types of products. .

Due to the specifics of production of forged disks, it is possible to realize almost any design — from strict classical forms to bright and aggressive accents. There is a possibility of engraving on the rim, to create unique limited edition elements of the dodger.

Installation of forged disks on Infiniti allows not only to improve the technical characteristics of the car, but also to give it an exclusive appearance, as well as to provide high reliability and protection of the wheels.

Nuances of production of forged disks for Infiniti

  • taking into account the specifics of all-wheel drive models;
  • achieving minimum weight with high strength;
  • exclusive design;
  • use of high quality materials;

When designing forged disks for such cars, special attention is paid to ensuring maximum strength and reliability. These parameters must be taken into account to withstand the high loads that arise when driving off-road and overcoming obstacles.

Powerful Infiniti models with high-performance engines require a special approach to forged wheels. Renegade Design strives to minimize the weight of the rims while maintaining high static and dynamic strength.

Forged rims are created by high-pressure forging from aluminum or magnesium alloys. First, the billet is heated to a certain temperature, then placed in a press where it is subjected to high pressure, with the material taking the shape of the disk. 

This is followed by machining and finishing, including machining and coloring. The comprehensive process ensures the high durability and quality of the disks.

Advantages of buying from Renegade Design

  • high quality;
  • innovative design;
  • wide range of products;
  • professional service;
  • warranty.

Renegade Design offers high quality products that have passed strict control. We guarantee reliability and durability of the products.

Renegade Design dodgers are characterized by original and innovative design, which gives your car individuality and style. You have access to a wide range of car tuning and accessories for different makes and models of cars, among which you can find the best solution for your needs.

We provide competent advice and assistance in selecting products, as well as provide quality customer service.

To make an order, choose your favorite variant of forged disks in our catalog. Add the required quantity of goods to the cart, fill out the application form and finalize the order.

You can contact our specialists to get advice on selection, payment method and delivery terms. 

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