Dodge forged wheels

Forged wheels for Dodge Ram 1500 TRX

Forged wheels for Dodge Ram 1500 TRX


Forged wheels for Dodge are not just a stylish design element, but also a functional improvement that brings a number of significant benefits to owners of this brand’s vehicles.

They are manufactured using high quality materials and technology, providing outstanding strength and durability. Such characteristics are especially important for Dodge vehicles that may be subjected to intense operational stresses.

What are the benefits of installing forged wheels for your Dodge vehicle?

  • Forged wheels are lightweight, and this significantly reduces the load on the suspension and braking system, and optimizes the dynamic characteristics of the car.
  • Rims have an increased level of strength and are resistant to various road conditions, as well as provides safety and guaranteed durability.
  • Special style and unique design forged wheels — a guarantee that your car will be recognizable and exclusive.

A wide range of design finishes allows you to emphasize the individuality of your Dodge with our forged wheels. From classic styles to modern and aggressive shapes, you’ll be able to find the best option to suit your taste.

Forged wheels provide efficient heat dissipation, which is especially important for your braking system. This can prevent the brakes from overheating and keep them working optimally even under heavy loads.

Special materials and processing during production ensure forged wheels are resistant to corrosion, which increases their lifespan and maintains their aesthetic appearance for years to come.

Why buy forged wheels for Dodge from Renegade Design?

Our catalog offers a variety of designs so you can find the rims that fit your needs and preferences.

We use only the most reliable and advanced materials to manufacture rims for durability and long life.

Our experts are ready to help you choose the best rims for your needs, and will also suggest the best tire options to fully experience your vehicle’s performance.

Choosing forged wheels for your Dodge isn’t just about improving your Dodge’s appearance, it’s also about improving performance and reliability. Incorporate personality and technological advantages into your Dodge by choosing forged wheels from our company.

Renegade Design offers unique forged wheels designs that will give your Dodge personality and style. Our selection includes a variety of options, allowing you to choose rims that perfectly match your preferences and the character of your vehicle.

The design of forged wheels is tailored to the specifications of specific Dodge models. This ensures the perfect blend of design and functionality, which is important for optimizing your vehicle’s performance.

How to order forged wheels for Dodge at Renegade Design

Buying forged wheels for your Dodge is easy:

  • Contact us — reach out to our experts over the phone for a detailed consultation.
  • Choose a design — browse our catalog and determine the option that matches your preferences or suggest your own solution.
  • Specify your Dodge model — our experts will help you choose the rims that are perfect for your model.
  • Place an order — create an application, contact us with the necessary information and get high quality forged wheels for your car.

We give customers the opportunity to choose a customized design and configuration of rims to perfectly match your car and personal preferences.

Installing Forged Wheels on Dodge

Before installing forged wheels, a thorough analysis of the technical condition of the car is carried out.

Specialists evaluate the appropriate parameters for the new rims.

Old rims are removed from the car with special attention to the safety of tires and other elements. 

New forged wheels are installed by professional craftsmen with experience working with Dodge cars, taking into account all recommendations and standards.

After installation the wheels are balanced and geometry control is carried out, which guarantees stability and comfort when driving.

Products Renegade Design gives Dodge a unique style and special aesthetics, distinguishing it among other cars of this brand. The materials we use provide efficient performance, optimizing brake system cooling and improving performance.

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