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Infiniti QX70 (FX S51) completed with tuning body kit Renegade Design ver. 2 - this is a new level of design for a premium car. Perfectly calibrated proportions, graceful body lines and the finest attention to details – that’s all about an updated version of our tuning body kit, that will let your car be in the spotlight.
Representative class crossover from Nissan Infiniti QX70 FXS51 is a gorgeous model, suitable for urban settings. The curvy lines of the bodywork, the prominent hood and predatory light create powerful aesthetics. The elegance of the exterior doesn’t conceal the inner strength but rather emphasizes it. To add more brutality and aggressiveness you need tuning kit from Renegade Design.

You can also add split rim or forged wheel. Our configuration tool allows you to create your own set of parts and calculate the cost of the body kit.

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Body kit for Infiniti QX (FX S51) includes:

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Turkey, Edirne

Infinity QX70 Widebody kit for Mr. Tuzcu in Edirne

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Black Infiniti QX70 from Sydney

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Infiniti QX70 by FOS Concepts in Dubai

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Believe it or not, body kits and spoilers can improve a car’s aerodynamics. Body kits, also known as «ground effect kits” improve engine performance, and fuel economy. Many drivers are using body kits to give more individual features to their vehicles and distinguish them from the crowd. Proper body kits benefit vehicle performance by creating high downforces and reducing wind resistance. With increasing downforce, the car’s ability to move faster grows and grip and better handling. When installing a body kit on a vehicle, keep in mind that any change in appearance will affect speed and handling. Plan your changes carefully to achieve the desired result.

Superior Design for Infinity QX 70

Cars by Infiniti are not just vehicles. They are about social status and superiority. Thanks to the high professionalism and original components, a positive final result is guaranteed regardless of the task complexity. By tuning Infiniti FX50, you will improve the already excellent vehicle performance.

Tuning Infiniti FX50 by Renegade design involves using high-quality fiberglass for aero body kit components. This material at the minimum weight characteristics provides maximum durability. Using fiberglass eliminates the vehicle’s body weighting and decreases fuel consumption. Fiberglass is resistant to negative corrosive effects and does not require special care.

Renegade design offers top-quality Infiniti QX 70 body kits for the most reasonable prices.

New Infiniti QX70 body kit parts by Renegade include:

  • QX70 wide body kit;
  • QX70 front lip kit;
  • QX70 aero body kit;
  • rear bumpers;
  • wheel arch extensions;
  • hoods;
  • side skirts;
  • rear and side bumper diffusers;
  • rear stoplights;
  • side and central exhaust tips;
  • low spoilers.


You can also change the vehicle interior design according to your taste and preferences. We supply various options.

What You Need To Know About Our Bodykits

Infiniti Renegade body kits are created with 3D modeling technology and scanning the car. You can be sure that all QX70 renegade body kit parts will fit the vehicle. The tuning can be produced from extra-quality Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber. Fiberglass kit parts weigh like original ones and not overload your Infiniti QX70. The thickness of the fiberglass kit is 2-3 mm and corresponds to standards, with temperature resistance up to 120°. This material is highly durable and practical, which makes the purchase reasonable. It also doesn’t overload the body of the car. All necessary tests were created and have corresponding documentation.

Infiniti Renegade body kit:

  • protects the car from damaged while using;
  • improves fuel economy and engine performance;
  • creates exclusive look;
  • has a five-year warranty.

Before ordering your Infinity qx70 tuning, only full body kit tuning will give the best aerodynamic effect and uncover your car potential.

How Do We Install the Infiniti QX70 Body Kit?

Our team provides installation services of Infinity QX 70 bodykits in a few days or even hours with the help of the newest technologies. We provide full and widebody kits, develop images of car appearance, paint kit parts to desired colors and install them. Renegade design provides vehicle maintenance in the future.

Benefits of cooperation with Renegade Design

We offer:

  • Different payment options.
  • Our team works fast.
  • We provide only safe options.
  • Our sales and technical support works 24/7.
  • We offer a 5-year warranty for our products.

Send us a request with your wishes. We will manufacture Jeep Renegade body kit parts and ship them to your dealer, who will install them on your vehicle.

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