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The most important characteristic is a metal structure. This is the basis of everything. The forging process uses high pressure and temperature to change the non-directional grain structure of the cast aluminum starting material to the high integrity multi-directional grain structure of forgings The result: the structure of the metal becomes fibrous.

Why to choose forged wheels?

Undoubtedly forged wheels are more solid than alloy ones. This is achieved both through the material and the process itself - during production, the alloy acquires a special structure, both strong and plastic. This also makes manufacturing of the product easier and more elegant.

Modern equipment

The control of technological parameters is turned out at the stages of forged wheel’s manufacture by opeartors of technological equipment

Weight loss

The heavier the wheels, the more energy and time it takes to change the speed of their rotation. Overcoming this problem is installing lightweight wheels.

Individual approach

Our own production, more than 100 wheel models, wide possibilities of preparation, constantly expanding color scale will satisfy demand of the most exacting client.

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