Mercedes Benz C-class W205

We have started creating the long-awaited project for us - Mercedes Benz "C-Class" body kit. This incredibly stylish car will look even more unique and unrepeatable, thanks to the thoughtful solutions of our designers and engineers.


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Mercedes-Benz C W205 by Renegade Design from Moscow with love
Mercedes-Benz C W205 by Renegade Design


Mercedes-Benz W205 presents the fourth generation of the prestigious C-Class cars, which began production in 2014. According to Euro NCAP, the W205 was considered the best in its class and received the title “Car of the year” at the “World Car of the Year” competition. It was a year after the start of the W205 mass production. Modern dynamic design, ease of operation, supreme comfort and a body made in the spirit of minimalism, made this car popular among drivers all over the world.

Unique design with Renegade tuning

The Mercedes-Benz W205 tuning is an opportunity to make an already stylish car even more unique. Engineers and designers of the Renegade-Design tried to create a tuning kit that could emphasize the character of the “german car” and distinguish it from other similar vehicles. The Mercedes-Benz W205 tuning kits consist of the following upgrades:

• A front bumper insert;
• Side skirt splitters;
• A rear bumper diffuser;
• A hood;
• An upper spoiler;
• A lower spoiler;
• A stop-light;
• Exhaust tips.

Each of the above accessories performs not only a decorative role, but also protects the body elements from external damage, and also increases the aerodynamic performance of the vehicle, improving car control when driving at high speed.

The aerodynamic body kits for the Mercedes-Benz W205 C-Class are created using 3D body scanning technology, so they perfectly fit the car, and, thanks to the original position of the mounts, they do not need additional adjustment during installation. This makes it possible to install our body kits in any car service center all over the world.

The Mercedes-Benz W205 body kits are made from lightweight and heavy-duty fiberglass – a composite material used in shipbuilding, aircraft and space construction. All tuning parts manufactured by our company have a five-year warranty and can be insured against damage in case of an accident.

In the catalogue of our online store, there are not only complete tuning kits but also separate automotive parts. You can buy and order delivery anywhere in the world. In addition to tuning, you can choose monoblock or 2pcs rims with a unique design at an affordable price. They will undoubtedly emphasize the personality of your car.

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