Updated body kit Renegade V2 INFINITI FX / QX70

The Updated Body Kit Renegade V2 for INFINITI FX / QX70

инфинити вид спереди

Renegade Design is a factory that creates and produces the exterior details and forged wheels for luxury cars 

The shipments are made only from Russia / Ulyanovsk / Efremova street 58a s1, legal person: Renegade Design Ltd., Sole Entrepreneur P.V. Dolgonovsky.

And a new set from our company again. We have created new front bumper grills plus we have worked on the base of the front bumper in terms of design. This car was assembled and installed at our reps in Baku, Azerbaijan

 This body kit is available with either extended car body or without it. The body kit consists of:

  • Hood

  • Front bumper bar

  • Back bumper bar (the exhaust is either in the middle or on the sides)

  • Brake lights

  • Lip spoiler

  • Body extensions.

All our products can be found on our official website We do not produce any other types of body kits. There have been many occasions when some distributors were claiming to be selling our products. 

You can choose to complete your payment with or without VAT. 

Worldwide delivery by transport companies and airlines.

When you buy our products, you receive a 5-year warranty, and an option to ensure additional equipment.

If you would like to get a presentation, you can reach us on WhatsApp +7-917-061-00-01 and we will be glad to answer any and all questions, or you can check out our Instagram page

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