Three Versions of Jeep GC Wk2 Body Kit

At Renegade Design we create and manufacture exterior parts and forged wheels for luxury cars. 

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передний обвес на джип
Tyrannos V3

As you might have noticed we are deep into the Jeep brand, and we constantly increase our range of products for Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2. In the future we hope to be working with other models.

We have already created the third version of our body kit. All versions are suitable for Jeep GC WK2 of any generation and specification, which were marketed since 2011 and up till now.

обвес на джип вид сбоку
 Tyrannos V1 Moscow

черный джип с обвесом
Tyrannos V1, Los Angeles USA, owner Denis Chedad (YouTube blogger, 1 million subscribers)

красный джип с обвесом
Tyrannos V2, USA

белый джип
Tyrannos V3, Moscow — a classic bumper without modifications

красный джип с обвесом
Tyrannos V3, New York, USA — Zaimiam edition, with a more open air intake

джип серебро с обвесом
Tyrannos V3, Canada — a classic bumper without modifications with a splitter (it fits only our bumper)

джип с обвесом вид сбоку
Tyrannos V3, Kiev, Ukraine — a classic bumper without modifications with the second version of the hood and with installed fog lamps

We have package deals which consist of 3 versions of body kits, you can check out the pictures above:

- A version with exhaust pipes on either side
джип с обвесом и выхлопами по бокам
You can also order spoilers

- A version with the exhaust in the center
белый джип вид сзади

where the standard bumper is changed to our products, or you can purchase some elements separately for instance, front bumper or rear bumper without body extensions.

черный джип с обвесом вид сбоку
Tyrannos V3 without body extensions (we can restyle your vehicle by replacing the radiator grille, this vehicle is 2014)

белый джип с диффузором
Our bumper with a diffuser. It works for vehicles without SRT or Trachhawn (for this versions our diffuser works perfectly with the original bumper)

- Diffuser installed into the original bumper with the double exhaust on the sides SRT/Trackhawk modification красный джип с обвесом вид сзади
You can still use the drawbar after the tuning.

- Two types of hood to choose
красный капот джип
V2 Hood and splitter with the original bumper Trackhawk

белый джип с обвесом
Demon Hood, you can see its other views above.

- Separately the body extension for the original bumper without the replacement of bumpers
черный джип с обвесом вид спереди
Our body extensions for standard bumpers
черный джип вид сбоку
One more example of our body extensions for standard bumpers
джип серебро с обвесом
джип серебро с обвесом вид сбоку
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