Exclusive Body Kit for BMW X7 Punisher

обвес на бмв х7

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It is a common misconception in Russia that tuning and body kits are made in some garage, where all the parts come out crooked and fit poorly. Renegade design is revolutionizing this industry and its image here, when the body kits are created digitally and with exceptional precision. This way fitting is not required so the customer may order already painted parts.
бмв х7 вид сзади
We invite you check out our creative process

Material: Carbon/Touchstone
The body kit consists of
-    Front Splitter
-    Hood
-    Wide Body Fenders
-    Rear Diffusor Covers
-    Roof Spoiler
-    Lip Spoiler

обвес для бмв х7 вид сбоку
The changes are small, but they look organic 
обвес для бмв х7 вид сзади
обвес для бмв х7 вид спереди
обвес на бмв х7 вид сзади

Hope you checked out the video above, and now more details about the creation process. It is precise up to millimeter. 
порог для бмв х7
splitter and sills (no extension) 
губа для бмв х7
splitter and sills (no extension)
губа и порог для бмв х7 с расширением
splitter and sills and extension (looks more attractive) 
расширение порога бмв х7
обвес в деталях бмв х7
бмв х7 с обвесом
And here is the beatiful result! 

If you would like to learn more about our products and services, you are welcome to reach us on WhatsApp +7-917-061-00-01, and we will be glad to answer any and all questions, or you can check out our Instagram page @renegade.design.world

капот для бмв х7
черная губа для бмв х7
капот для бмв х7
обвес бмв х7 вид сзади

белая губа для бмв х7

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