Rear spoiler for Infiniti QX70

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Brand: Infiniti
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Infiniti is the synonym of predatory beauty, grace and might. This vehicle conquers and dominates. It is simply perfect that it doesn’t need any decorations. But we don’t want to get bored. Renegade Design has designed the exclusive spoiler for Infiniti QX70. Its design is minimalistic and organic for this vehicle’s exterior with no disproportions and unwanted attention. Soft lines and consistency with the rear window curves are the perfect solution for this luxurious car. It can remain black or be painted to match the body. You can also order other parts of the body kit for this make and model.
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Rear spoiler for Infiniti QX70

Spoilers For Infiniti: Make Your Car Unforgettable

Each vehicle owner wants to make his car uncommon. A brilliant choice of accessories will help with this. Every year, an increasing number of vehicle owners are resorting to tuning. Due to the availability of numerous additional accessories on sale, it has become much easier to make your iron horse individual and separate from the total mass of vehicles for minimal money. One such accessory is the spoiler. A spoiler for Infinity QX70 is an element created not only to change the appearance of a car but also to redirect air flows, which improves the aerodynamic qualities of a car.

What Are The Features Of Spoilers?

The spoiler Infinity is a decorative and sporty detail designed to improve the aerodynamic characteristics of the vehicle. The trunk spoiler starts operating at a speed of 90 km/h. It prevents the car from skidding, making it more maneuverable and stable. There also will be less water and dirt on the car's windows because the spoiler changes the airflow trajectory. The tailgate spoiler provides additional downforce and makes braking easier. Threshold extenders do well with these functions. The bumper spoiler prevents glass contamination and reduces resistance to air currents. It is essential to position the element at the correct angle.

What Do You Need To Know Before Buying?

Before purchasing, it is worth remembering the following factors:
  • A type of spoiler. The spoiler can be one-size-fits-all and model.
  • Manufacturing material. It is better to opt for products made of carbon — they will last much longer.
  • Fastener type. The spoiler is fixed in different ways. For instance, you can drill holes and improve the product with bolts.
When choosing a spoiler, pay attention to the design. In most cases, the products are sporty and sometimes aggressive. The spoiler should match the car model and not look unusual.

Why Contact Renegade Design

Working with the professionals from Renegade Design, every car owner will be able to accomplish their dream and create the perfect spoiler for their Infiniti. In addition, the car owner gets a lot of advantages:
  • Five-year warranty.
  • Worldwide or countrywide shipping by airmail.
  • Certified products.
The Renegade Design adds a touch of refinement and sportiness to every Infiniti model to make the car an unforgettable experience. With the right spoiler Infiniti, nobody will forget your car on the road.

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