The best front bumper lip for your classy Audi RS6

The bumper lip for Audi RS6 is a splitter designed to be mounted on the front bumper, rear bumper, or vehicle sills. The universal lip looks like a U-shaped strip of dense material in the initial state. When installed, one of the edges of the front bumper lip for the Audi RS6 is attached to the bottom of the bumper, making the bottom of the car look stylish and complete.

Features of the front bumper lip for Audi RS6

The primary function of the front lip for Audi RS6 is to increase aerodynamics;. However, with appropriate installation and lip selection, the car's appearance may also be changed, giving it a more exclusive look:

●       The car's new appearance is more aggressive and athletic thanks to the universal splitter.

●       When combined with other sports body modifications, the front bumper lip for the Audi RS6 looks exceptionally natural.

●       The lip can be fastened around the automobile, even above the wheel arches.

As an option, the lip can be attached around the car's perimeter: above the wheel arches, on the rear bumper, and along the sideline of the vehicle.

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