Hood for Audi Q7

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The smart image of Audi Q7 seem to be just perfect. The full-size interior, smooth body lines give this vehicle a look of a mercury droplet that flows from one position to another. The soft power of this city crossover can be felt even when doesn’t move. Renegade offers an updated hood which meets the spirit of the vehicle. The slightly raised ledges flow down gracefully, adding dynamics. And the narrow gaps of air intakes appeared on left and right sides. Straight clean line of the front gives the finishing touches to the image. Nothing over the top. Sharp, neat, original. Audi looks interesting and stylish with this new hood.
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    Renegade Design

Hood for Audi Q7

Hoods For Audi — Make The Car Brighter And More Visible

The modern vehicle owner usually thinks about tuning his vehicle. Most tuning elements perform an aesthetic role and protect the car from various external factors: rain, dust, snow, wind, sand, dirt, insects, and more. In addition, the cost of such elements is relatively low, and you can find them absolutely for any vehicle, for instance, for Audi.

Bonnet tuning is an excellent opportunity to make your Audi more attractive and stylish. Car enthusiasts all over the world strive to create something unusual and original with their cars.

Audi Hood Tuning Features

Today, a car owner can customize an Audi in various ways — buy hood Audi Q7 to change the car’s appearance radically. The most common option is to buy an Audi hood from the designing studio. With the help of the new Audi KU 7 hood, the car owner will be able to emphasize the uniqueness of his car and highlight it on the road. In this case, the sky is your limit.

The high-quality hoods are made with carbon fiber, a polymer similar to epoxy. It is very durable and sturdy. Carbon parts are robust and lightweight, making them ideal for racing cars or those vehicles that need strength without the added weight inherent in metal parts. Carbon fiber products are delivered with a special protective coating and are ready to install immediately after unpacking.

Things To Remember Before Purchasing

Before buying, it is worth remembering that the hood Audi KU7 is one of the first places in the car where the harmful effects of corrosion can manifest themselves, and all experienced Audi owners know about this. You can quickly solve this problem by tuning the hood Audi Q7 on your car. Made from the finest materials, it does not rust and has unique slots that provide better air injection to cool the engine while driving. When you buy hood Audi, it means that you improve the appearance of the car and improve its dynamic characteristics.

Why You Should Trust Renegade Design

You can purchase only certified tuning kits at Renegade Design. In addition to quality products, the company can offer:

  • Worldwide delivery by air freight.
  • Five years warranty for all products.
  • Unique designs that never replicate.

With the hood Audi from Renegade Design, you can make your Audi look more unconventional and unique. Each hood is unique, as you can see by ordering the best model. Tuning the hood of an Audi is not just a decoration of the car. Still, the replacement of standard parts that come in the basic configuration with more advanced ones that improve the car’s characteristics and a pleasant appearance is only, in fact, a lovely bonus to the purchase.

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