Despite the fact that the radiator grille has a functional significance, that is to protect the front of the vehicle and to provide the air flow to the engine radiator, it also significant for the vehicle’s exterior. A lot of car models have unique radiator grilles, which pass from one generation to another with only minor changes. That is why a totally new design will change the appearance of a vehicle’s façade. Renegade is offering to add a personality to this luxurious SUV Mercedes-Benz C-classe W205 with the help of tuning radiator grille. Instead of traditional vertical ledges and cellular structure between them we have now three horizontal sloping plates. The updated radiator grille looks cool and powerful. You may add a chrome coating if you wish to. The appearance is matched by the content. This part is manufactured from the composite plastic, which is light, durable, moisture and temperature resistant. The installation is implemented into the original anchorage with the help of snap-closes.