Rear bumper for Lexus lx 450d/570

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Brand: Lexus
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The vehicle’s esthetics play a major part in creating a certain image and providing admiration from the owner and anyone who has an eye for beauty. The goal of tuning is not only to improve the car’s characteristics but also to reinforce this feeling. And even small detail matter in such an issue. Regenade offers to equip Lexus LX 450D/570 with a sporty rear bumper with double exhausts, aggressive air intake and 4 partitions in the central part. This bumper looks powerful, dynamic and fits the mood of this advanced crossover. Compounded materials are used in manufacturing of this bumper, they are light, pliable and durable. An added bonus – these materials are water and mud resistant.
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    Renegade Design

Rear bumper for Lexus lx 450d/570

Luxury Bumpers For Lexus: Make A Statement With A Daring Tuning Part

It is unlikely that at least one car owner will not care what his car looks like. After all, the truth is that men are trying to take care of the appearance of their iron horse. And by no means is the least important thing for them is the front bumper Lexus, which so often undergoes various shocks, scratches, and corrosion. The exclusivity of the brand-new bumper tuning allows you to stand out from other cars, draws attention, and speaks about the status of the driver himself. If you buy Lexus bumper, you can add a new touch of uniqueness to your car — so your vehicle will become the brightest spot on the road.

Tuning Peculiarities

The dynamic bumper front Lexus significantly transforms the car's exterior, making its design more impressive and powerful. The bumper is strewn with design elements that have an abundance of sharp edges. The excellent air intake provides the highest cooling to the engine radiator and front braking system.

The bumper for Lexus is also stiffened by a reinforced lower beam located under the air intake. It has pretty good aerodynamic characteristics, which fans driving at high speeds can be fond of. The new front bumper on the Lexus breathes life into the car. The bumper rear Lexus is made of high-strength material, the distinctive feature of which is durability and reliability.

What You Need To Know Before Buying

The rear bumper is the part of the car body designed primarily to protect it from severe damage in an accident. The properties of the bumper allow it to withstand multiple impact loads, which makes the rear bumper a significant part of the automobile.

Since the rear bumper is an integral part, it must have a protective and aesthetic function. Today, it has become possible thanks to modern manufacturers to create unique designs in this segment. When you buy bumper Lexus, it is worth choosing a product from materials such as polycarbonate, fiberglass, polypropylene, and ABS plastic.

Why Renegade Design Is The Best Choice

Renegade Design creates unique bumper Lexus designs that stand out for their construction quality and the gorgeous lines and power of their appearance. In addition to excellent patterns, the tuning studio offers its customers:

  • Five-year product warranty when you buy front bumper Lexus.
  • Worldwide or country shipping by carriers or airmail.
  • The best bumper for Lexus price and delivery options.
  • Certified products.

Incredible bumpers will help make your car stand out from the crowd, so it is worth choosing the best designers who can handle this task with their products.

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