Front bumper for BMW X5 F15 / F85

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The front bumper for the BMW X5 F15 / F85 will give the German SUV a truly predatory look. The bumper is installed in native mounts, so there will be no problems with installation, and the excellent quality of materials will not make you doubt the durability of the product. The front bumper of BMW X5 F15 / F85 is a great exterior element for your car to give it freshness and personality.
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    F15 / F85
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    Renegade Design

Front bumper for BMW X5 F15 / F85

Bumper For BMW: A Brand-New Touch Of Sportiness

Almost every car enthusiast is interested in how the appearance of the car can be made extraordinary. No one wants to blend in with the mass, so many develop various ways to highlight their vehicle. For this, various tuning and restyling options are offered. You can use multiple options. Tuning a bumper rear BMW X5 G05 is a reasonably expected way to give a vehicle a specific look. When you opt for the bumper tuning, you get the best results — your car will get the new touch of sportiness.

Tuning Highlights

The bumper front BMW is an indispensable element of the body's integrated aerodynamics. It can efficiently maintain the oncoming airflow. Its purpose is to protect the headlights, the radiator grille, and the radiator itself. The front bumper sets the tone for your vehicle. Such tuning will not go unnoticed. Your car will become unique on the road. The high quality of the rear bumper Mercedes material contributes to its long and problem-free operation. Most of the models are made of basalt — one of the best materials.

Things To Consider When Installing A Bumper

When you rear bumper BMW buy, you can replace this auto part independently or contact your local service station. Everyone can do it with the appropriate tools: spanners and screwdrivers, a pry bar, and a hammer. The very process of removing the old part and installing a new one does not take much time. First, it's better to unscrew the front wheels to the stop and unscrew the retaining bolt on the metal bracket on both sides of the bumper. Then it is necessary to remove the decorative side and to fix bolts, remove the part. The BMW front bumper is dismantled the same way, with the only difference being that the rear wheels will interfere a little. Installation of a new auto part is carried out in reverse order.

Why Choose Us

Renegade Design has been delighting its customers with the best designs for many years. It is better to buy front bumper BMW from this tuning studio, not only because they are professionals with experience, but also for several other reasons:
  • Every purchase comes with a five-year warranty.
  • All goods have certificates, so there will be no problems with car insurance.
  • It is possible to order products with delivery worldwide or across the country using carriers or airmail.
Renegade Design creates unique bumpers for BMW, which will make the car more luxurious and representative. Now every eye will be on your vehicle.

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